Tanya has been working and helping those who want to change their shape over 3 years. Here are just a small part of a feedback from her clients

Minus 20 kg

- 20 kg

Thanks to Tanya’s advice and videos I lost 20 kg. Earlier I thought I’d never be able to loose weight…

Lena Taruntaeva, Moscow

Loose weight after 40? Easy! Minus 15 kg

- 15 kg

I have a motivation now and I love it! I weighed 125 kg withб height 165 cm. And I could make to 110kg! I am so glad!

Svetlana Lebedeva

For me motivation is number 1 thing

- 9 kg

Thanks a lot, Tanya for giving me a nudge. My problems was all in my head. My measurements before and after, just to compare: before: 92-72-98, and now it is 88-62-91! And minus 9kg, thank you very much

Tatyana Kolinchuk, Kiev

I fought bad genetics

- 39 kg

The real kick for me was one small phrase and ice look. My dad weighed about 130 kg but he decided to change that and lost 33 kg in 2 years) I got rid of my weight much faster though) From 90 kg to 51kg! Thank you, Tanya for recommendations 


Loose weight together with husband

- 8 kg

I’ve already lost 8 kg! Never thought I can do this) Couple of weeks ago my husband told me: "that’s it, I want to be healthy". Now we support each other) He lost 3 kg in a week! And we feel great as well!