Question: How did you loose weight?

In brief: I’ve tried hundreds of diets, even fasting, then I came to healthy nutrition and sport on regular basis!

More information on loosing weight you can find in my story loosing weight

Question: What encouraged you to loose weight?

Loosing weight basics are widely known, but sometimes it is about motivation and support – they really need it! You should decide for yourself why do you need to loose weight, you shouldn’t do it for somebody else – think about yourself and your health first.

Of course, constant scoffing and mockery had certain impact on my decision to loose weight.

Extra weight causes a lot of health problems and diseases and we want a long happy life for us and our families!

I had short breath when I was 14 while climbing up the stairs– that was the last straw! Today I can ride through hal a city on a bike and go to the gym several times a week, in the evening I like rollerblading or jogging! I’m much happier and feel alive!

Question: How much time did you spend to get into that shape and weigh 55kg?

About 4 years! I started when I was in high school, then with a second shift education and full time day job there was no time for sports whatsoever! Plus a couple of years of unsuccessful dieting kinda ruined it! The minute I turned to healthy diet and regular sport – it made a whole world of difference! If only I knew about foods, nutrition, dieting and sports as much as now I would have lost weight much faster!

Question: Is there anybody who has lost weight with your program?

Of course. I helped lots of people. You can read comments and see it for yourself (“Comments” tab). Those are actual feedback from real people, who contacted me through social networks and website. I am really happy for all those women and very proud of them!

Question: Cellulite. How to fight?

A package solution:

Diet + Sport + Massage + Body wraps + Scrubs + Skin moisturizing

I’m still working on my body and my health every day.

Question:  What is your course in general?

In my course I collected all the knowledge and experince that I gained during loosing weight and and working as a fitness trainer and dietition. I’ve considered all the mistakes and tried to create a system that would be the most effective and easy to understand for everyone who wishes to loose weight. Lots of my personal recommedations and practical advice that I put together into videos and articles.

Question: Where to start once you decide to loose weight?

My answer: From yourself, from your state of mind!

You have to decide why do you need it, whether you’re ready to concentrate on yourself , on уour health and your look! Whether you’re ready to change, to become a different person inside and outside!

Will power and faith is in each individual person — you just need to find it! And you have to do it for yourself, not for anybody else! Loosing weight is actually very easy – there are no secrets or miracles – healthy diet and sport! You need to make up a ration and follow it without any momentary lapse, with total awareness of what you want and goals you follow.

Question: What products must be excluded completely?

Elementary: first, ban fried,fat and fast food! A certain and small amount of sweets can be included into the first part of the day.

Question: Sport and everything related!

Regular training will help you not only to loose weight but to have a fit body and better health! If you don’t have an opportunity to join the gym – there are a lot of videos, that provide home training, for example, videos in my Vk community Change Yourself (Motivation).

Question: Is it true that you have to stop eating after 6 p.m.?

So not true! You have to eat often and in small portions - that’ll speed up your metabolism!

Question: Nutrition before and after training!

Eat a couple hours before training so it is digested properly! 30-40 minutes after the training there is protein-carb window so everything you eat goes to muscle rehabilitation!

Meals should be planned according to day and training schedule!

Question: What diet better stick to?

I’m against any diets — you don’t need them, just stick to healthy eating! Any breaks during the diets can lead to gaining weight, while healthy eating is a balance between proteins, carbs and fats! If you what each ration product contains you can spoil yourself with a little treat!

Conclusion: you need to learn about proteins, carbs and fats, glycemic index, calorie content, metabolism! You can find more than enough info in my course.

Question: What is the size of one portion and how many times a day one should eat?

Meals – 4-6 times a day, each 2-3 hours, balanced and depending on time, type and intensity of work outs a day as well as on your sport goals. I, personally have 300-400 calories during breakfast, lunch and dinner + couple of 100 calories snacks! Last meal of the day is 3 hours before sleep.

Question: May be I should loose weight first and then start working out ?


If you’re following the diet without any work outs , you’ll probably loose a lot of muscle mass. If you loose you muscles, your metabolism lowers and that means you burn less calories. That’ll just bring you worse results. The best way to save your muscles and keep fast metabolism – is work outs+cardio combo on regular basis.

Question:  How to contact you?
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